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Shadow CatsI truly believe that individuals can make a difference in society. Since periods of change such as the present one come so rarely in human history, it is up to each of us to make the best use of our time to help create a happier world.

– The Dalai Lama

We are all looking for that happier world, right? However, when we open the paper or we watch the news, we are bombarded by unhappiness on a daily basis. Some say this constant flood of bad news is making us all numb to all of the pain and suffering. I don’t feel that way. I think that deep down inside it makes us hunger for the opportunity to make a difference on a personal level but, what can we do?

We’re busy people. We are not only flooded by bad news, but we also feel we are painted into a corner by all of the other responsibilities we have. We have to work to feed ourselves and our families. We have to keep up our homes and care for those we love. Who has time to make a difference? Who am I that I can make a difference?

Those are questions that past generations asked too. However, for them it was simply considered a matter of duty to stand in the gap. Have we lost that sense of duty? Again, I don’t think so. I also don’t believe we want or need to be shamed into reaching out. After all, it is something that we find we do naturally when the need is urgent. Just look at how communities are coming together in Oklahoma at this very moment.  But what about the every day needs that we see? Well, we just need to find a way to sift through the noise and keep an eye out for that chance. That chance to make a difference.

Here’s a idea for you.  Let’s start simply.  Let’s begin by looking at scripture. In Luke 12:6 it says, “Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? And not one of them is forgotten before God.” If God cares about these small, seemingly insignificant creatures, shouldn’t we? If you are looking to your own community to make a difference, and that is one of the main purposes of this blog, keep reading. In my small way I am trying to highlight those among us that really are making a difference for those that are in need of that help.

Am I not my brother’s keeper? Yes, you are. Well spoken, Mr. Blogger-man. Since you have all the answers what are you doing? Well, sadly, my answer is “not enough” but, maybe for now, it is my job to draw attention to some of our Round Rock neighbors who are doing something.  Something really amazing.

Shadow Cats is an organization, right here in Round Rock that is doing this kind of work. They aren’t feeding sparrows, they’re rescuing cats, and they are making a difference.

I can’t find words any more purposeful than the ones that David Murphy and Jacki Quaile use in the attached video that explains the work that is done there and, yes, it is work. It is hard work, both physically and emotionally. Please watch the video to get a small idea of all that goes into what is done at Shadow Cats to make life easier for the abandoned and abused.

There are many needs we have to deal with in Round Rock, great and small. Each of us has a particular gifting and a particular place our talents and our hearts lead us. For some it is one thing, for others it is another thing, but whatever that thing is, do it.

If your heart is tender toward the care of animals and especially cats, here is a place to find a way to meet that inner need to help. Do you want, in some way, to make this a happier world? If your answer is yes, the next time you watch the news or read an article and learn about some far away disaster and it inspires you to take action, think local and think Shadow Cats.

If you would like to learn more about Shadow Cats or if you are interested in learning about how to help out Shadow Cats, please follow this link.




  1. Pam L. says

    Thank you for caring about Shadow Cats. It really is an AMAZING organization. I am so glad that I am part of it.

    • John Speasmaker says

      Thanks Pam, I am so glad you’re a part of it too – all of you amazing people at Shadow Cats.

  2. says

    John, I really loved this blog. Not only did it provide such a wonder glimpse into an organization very near and dear to my heart, but it also captured the essence of giving back and making a difference. The Dalai Lama quote was a perfect way to set the tone. I am going to print that quote and tape it on my bathroom mirror as a daily reminder.

    • John Speasmaker says

      Your so kind, Pat. Thank you. You guys at Shadow Cats are the ones who deserve the thank you.

  3. Deborah Darsie says

    Too often we feel like there is no way we, as individuals can help solve a problem.
    We forget that it is not a requirement to FIX the problem, but in the manner of a community we need to contribute to finding and implementing the solution.

    I am in Washington state, but through Facebook I found ShadowCats to be an impressive example of this very mission – to contribute to the solution *is* the solution. Create a ripple of change, in time you will find some amazing and unexpected things happening.

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