Music on Main Street Features the US Navy’s Band Cruisers

Music on Main Street on Your Local Color.ComBeautiful weather, outstanding Music on Main Street entertainment, and good times all brought to you by the City of Round Rock. This past week the United States Navy’s band Cruisers put on a show that was not only toe tapping but inspirational as well.

I come from a military family with three brothers who served in the US Navy, so I was instantly drawn to this talented group of musicians – just because. However, when the music started I had a lot more reason to be impressed. These sailors rock. It was awesome. [Read more…]

Round Rock’s Parks & Recreation Department Hosts The Boat Regatta

Round Rock's the Boat Regatta Shark BoatMore wet and wild fun was had in Round Rock this past weekend at the Parks & Recreation sponsored Round Rock the Boat Regatta. This family friendly event held at the lake in Old Settlers Park featured handmade cardboard boats and a lot of good times.

This was the eighth annual regatta where contestants bet that their boat building skills and seamanship would put them across the finish line first. The most important boat building rule is that the craft has to be made out of cardboard. That’s interesting, because I know that cardboard and water don’t play well together. [Read more…]

Tons of Mud and Fun at Round Rock’s Muddy Miler Family Adventure

A Happy Little Girl at Round Rock's Muddy MIler Family AdventureIf you were at the Muddy Miler Family Adventure this past weekend, you enjoyed some good, clean fun…well, sort of. The annual Muddy Miler event is a mile long mud obstacle course around the lake at Old Settlers Park. I guess you’re supposed to get around the course as quickly as possible, but I really think what you’re really supposed to do is see just how much mud you can bring back with you to the finish line.

This was the third annual Muddy Miler, and more than 2,600 people showed up for the family fun, the exercise, and the mess, and it WAS a total mess. Dads, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunts, and uncles were sopping wet and caked with mud from head to toe. The cool thing was that mom didn’t mind at all. In fact, she was just as muddy as the rest of the family, and not a single hoot was given. [Read more…]

Music on Main Street Features Lost & Nameless

Music on Main Street on Your Local Color.ComMusic on Main Street continues to out-perform itself. Just when I think that the talent we get to enjoy couldn’t get any better, it does. Not only that, but the weather continues to be spectacular. This past Thursday was just fantastic, and we all had a great time.

The band was Lost & Nameless. I guess some would call their brand of music country. On their website they call themselves “contemporary folk-rock.” I just call them awesome. They are four very talented musicians, outstanding vocalists and great performers, and they had everybody’s toes tapping. [Read more…]

Music on Main Street Features the Patton Sparks Band

Music on Main Street on Your Local Color.ComAnother beautiful evening and lots of great free music courtesy of the City of Round Rock at Music on Main Street. This past Thursday it was the Patton Sparks Band and they were fantastic. They started the evening off with their original music, and although at times that can make you hold your breath while you wait for a good cover, these guys had our toes tapping with their first offering. Really great work, guys.

I have to tell a little short story here. Be patient. A long time ago and in another life, I was involved with an annual Heart Association fundraiser in Amarillo called the Country Tux Heart Ball. I had been a part of several of these fundraisers, and one of the most exciting parts was finding out who was going to be the band at the event.

One year we were all expecting a really big name, and when we found out it was an unknown country music act, we were all pretty disappointed…until he showed up and started singing. That unknown country performer was Brad Paisley. Sound familiar? Well, I think I just had that same experience with Patton Sparks. [Read more…]

The Neighborhood Harvest Project Hosts Open House at Unity Park Community Garden in Round Rock

Round Rock Neighborhood Harvest Project At Unity ParkIf you are new to Round Rock, love to get your hands into the soil, and you’re looking for a way to plug into our community I’ve got something for you to do this weekend. This Saturday, April 26th from 10am until 1pm Unity Park Community Garden is having an open house.

This will be the fifth anniversary of Unity Park Community Garden. Started in 2009 by the folks at the Neighborhood Harvest Project, this garden was begun not only to help the people of Round Rock learn how to grow food here, but also to help strengthen our sense of community.

If you haven’t figured it out already, it is not an easy job to grow food in our rocky soil. On top of that, we’re in the middle of a very persistent drought. If you’re going to put in a garden of any type around here, you’re going to need some good insider knowledge, and the good folks at the Neighborhood Harvest Project are pleased to share that knowledge. [Read more…]

Round Rock Unveils Its Tool Lending Center at Veterans Park

City of Round Rock, TexasIt takes a lot of people to make great things happen. My mom always said, “Many hands make light work.” That’s true, but there is always that person who is out front pointing, cajoling, schmoozing, directing, cheer-leading, or just basically leading. Regardless how you describe the techniques of leadership, what you are looking for is that person who can make things happen.

Round Rock’s Neighborhood Services Coordinator, Joe Brehm, is doing that for the city, and the recently unveiled Tool Lending Center is a great example. I am sure that Joe would not want this story to be about him, but from time-to-time you’ve just got to stop for a second and tip your hat to those who accomplish great things. [Read more…]

Second Annual Art of Giving Benefit for the Backpack Coalition and Backpack Pfriends Ministry

The Art of Giving Backpack Coalition and Backpack Pfriends MinistryNext week on Wednesday, April 23rd, the Second Annual Art of Giving fundraising event will be held to raise money for the Backpack Coalition of Round Rock and Backpack Pfriends Ministry. Those who follow this blog will remember a post on the Backpack Coalition in this space last November. If you were moved by the hard work of this dedicated group of people, here’s your chance to help out and have a little fun too.

If you didn’t catch that November post let me fill you in on these amazing people and what they are doing to help fight a big problem in our local schools. It’s hunger. Can you imagine? Here, in one of the most prosperous places in the world we have a hunger problem – in our schools. Crazy, right? Well, we do, and this dedicated group is fighting hard to beat it. [Read more…]

Sam Bass Community Theatre Presents The Chalk Garden

Sam Bass Community Theatre The Boys Next Door Your Local Color.ComSam Bass Community Theatre is about to start the run of its next production The Chalk Garden and you’re in for a treat. This week I got the chance to drop by and catch a dress rehearsal and interview Director, Frank Benge.

The Chalk Garden, written by Enid Bagnold who also wrote National Velvet, is the story of a family in turmoil and in particular the troubled triangle of relationships shared by a grandmother, mother and daughter.

The story adds another layer of tension when a mysterious governess is hired to take care of the troubled daughter who lives with her grandmother and is estranged from her mother. As you can guess from the title of the play, there is a garden involved, but you’ll have to catch the play to see just how it all works together. [Read more…]

Music on Main Street Features The Jonathan Fox Band and Southern Suburban Country

Music on Main Street on Your Local Color.ComRain threatened us again last Thursday, but the show went on. Nothing is going to stop Music on Main Street. This past Thursday it was The Jonathan Fox Band, and they rocked hard and chased away the clouds. Not to say we don’t need the rain, we do, but a little pause while we had the chance to enjoy a great free outdoor concert is always nice.

Front man and relatively recent UT grad, Jonathan Fox, pulled out all of the stops covering some old crowd favorites and serving up some of his own original tunes. Originally from the DFW area, Jonathan’s brand of Southern suburban country reminded me a lot of Pat Green with a few subtle Garth Brooks-ish undertones. [Read more…]