Penfold Theatre’s Extraordinary Chamber Musical: Ordinary Days

Penfold Theatre Company, Round Rock, Texas, Your Local Color.Com, Ordinary DaysPenfold Theatre’s newest is going to be a real treat for those who are fortunate enough to catch a performance. Ordinary Days will be showing from March 20th through April 6th at the Off Center in Austin, and it is a musical that will feed your need for a true romantic, young-love story.

I can just remember what it was like to be young and brimming with hope. I can also remember the confidence of youth slowly losing ground to self-doubt as I encountered road blocks and personal failures. Who doesn’t? I think this is something with which we could all relate. [Read more…]

Round Rock Empty Bowls Festival Fighting Student Hunger In Round Rock

Round Rock Empty Bowls Festival Round Rock ISD Your Local Color.ComBack many years ago when my son was in high school here in Round Rock, I noticed that he was packing a really large lunch to take every day. He would pack extra sandwiches and load up on all sorts of other goodies to take with him. I thought that was a little unusual because he was a skinny kid, and he really didn’t eat a lot.

I asked him if he got especially hungry at school. He said he wasn’t packing the extra food for himself, but he did have a friend who was coming to school every day hungry. He was taking that extra food to feed his friend. [Read more…]

The Georgetown Palace Theater’s Current Production Is The CATS Meow

Georgetown Palace Theatre Your Local Color.ComCATS has always been a favorite of mine, not because I have ever seen it all the way through, but because it was my daughter’s favorite. Several years ago she got to know this famous Broadway musical and fell in love with it. She had a video of it and would have it running on our living room TV very regularly.

I probably watched several hours of CATS over those years, catching bits and pieces here and there, but like I said, I don’t think I’ve ever watched it from beginning to end. I wish I had. CATS was just ever-present in our home. I even learned some of the lyrics to the musical just by listening to my daughter singing the songs while she puttered around the house. That really is a happy memory. [Read more…]

Sam Bass Community Theatre’s Current Production: The Boys Next Door

Sam Bass Community Theatre The Boys Next Door Your Local Color.ComSam Bass Community Theatre is currently running The Boys Next Door and it is fantastic. I recently got the chance to drop by, watch the rehearsal, and interview Frank Benge, Publicity Director at Sam Bass, and Director, Eric Nelson.

The Boys Next Door, written by Tom Griffin, is a play about four men who share a group home. The play not only deals with their everyday challenges, but also the personal and professional struggles of their caregiver, Jack. Jack, a truly good man, tries to do his best to take care of ‘the boys’ – Arnold, Lucien, Norman and Barry – while he is also trying to make sense of his own personal and professional life. [Read more…]

Release Your Inner Artist and Uncork Your Creativity at Art by the Glass Studio in Round Rock

Art by the Glass LogoIs there an artist lurking inside you looking for a chance to come out into the open? I mean, we all have those shelved creative ambitions, don’t we? If you’ve got an old itch to paint, and you never gave yourself the chance to scratch it, well, here’s your chance. Natalie Knobloch is the owner of Art by the Glass Studio right here in Round Rock, and she has the perfect setting you need to bring your hidden artist out of the shadows, and have a really great time doing it.

When I heard about Art by the Glass Studio, I knew it would be perfect for Your Local Color.Com.  From the beginning to the end of the evening, it was relaxed and party-like. Natalie encourages those who attend to bring their favorite adult beverage – wine was the drink of choice for most of those who attended – and this certainly added to the easygoing atmosphere. However, this is not just about socializing over a glass of wine, and there was a lot of that going on, it is about getting something done and enjoying the process. [Read more…]

Brenda Armistead AKA Granny Goodfish Shows Us All Why Holding On To Our Dreams Is So Important

Brenda Selfie 3Brenda’s story is one that many can totally relate to, and one that can inspire us all. We all start our lives with a dream of what could be, but quite often circumstances step in and push those dreams onto the back burner, or they get taken off the stove altogether. I am pretty sure now at fifty five, I’ll never throw a pass in a professional football game, but Brenda Armistead or Granny Goodfish as she is known now, is finally getting the chance to live out her childhood dream of making a living as an artist.

Brenda’s dream sparked into a passion in high school when she discovered a talentchebella for making pottery. She was good at it, and even had the chance at that tender age to present her work at a showing. However, Brenda’s newly found passion for throwing pottery was cooled a little by circumstances, and like many, she got on with living while she tucked her dreams away in the back of her mind.

Not long after realizing that going to college and studying art was not going to be an option, Brenda began a decades-long career in electronics manufacturing that started at Motorola in Austin. She loved the work and was good at it, but she never forgot or would ever let go of her dream of making art out of clay. Along the way, Brenda discovered a new passion – scuba diving. Like many of the hobbies we find ourselves following, she happened upon scuba diving accidentally on a trip she took to Mexico with some friends. [Read more…]

Round Rock Arts Council Hosts Its Fourth Annual Chalk Walk

rra-logoI know a lot about sidewalk chalk. We used to buy it by the bucket full – literally. Both my kids were constantly outside in front of our house grinding the powder out of each piece of colored chalk, and coming back in the house looking like they had been a part of some pastel inspired explosion. We still have a butcher block in our kitchen with my daughter’s yellow sidewalk chalk drawings on its side. It will never be cleaned off.

Because of the fond memories of my son and my daughter pouring out their creative energies onto our sidewalk with chalk, I was not going to miss this year’s Round Rock Chalk Walk. As I understand it, this whole event was inspired by European style street fairs where artists draw with pastels and chalk on the pavement and sidewalks. I have seen video and pictures of such fairs, but this was my first – it won’t be my last.

This past weekend I went to the 4th Annual Chalk Walk sponsored by the Round Rock Arts Council, and I had a blast. Even the weather contributed to my “happy.” I was concerned because there was a small chance of rain in the forecast – water and chalk don’t play well together. Sure enough the morning was a little nippy and the sky was a little cloudy, but soon the sun came out, the air warmed up, and it all turned out perfectly. [Read more…]

The Georgetown Art Center Is Bringing World Class Art To Williamson County

Georgetown Art CenterGet ready for culture, Williamson County, the Georgetown Art Center is about to open for business. Pretty soon, hopefully at the beginning of October, the City of Georgetown will open the doors of the newly restored and renovated Fire Station located at 9th and Main Street, just a block away from the Courthouse.

It can’t come too soon. I am told that the city is so close to the finish line that everyone involved has entered what Eric Lashley has Georgetown Art Center Georgetown Art Workscalled the “grumpy phase” more commonly associated with actors and their opening night jitters. Eric Lashley, Library Director of the Georgetown Public Library, and Jane Estes, President of Georgetown Art Works, gave up some of their valuable time this week to provide me with an interview about the soon-to-be-opened facility. Please watch the attached video for even more details on the Georgetown Art Center.

It sounds like it is going to be a real asset to Georgetown and all Williamson County residents. It will certainly function as a place where people can come to enjoy art, but it will be so much more. Eric really stresses that it will not be a museum, but rather a place where people can come to view art, create art and even buy the art that is on display. Every four to eight weeks a new artist’s exhibit will be on display so it will never be the same each time you visit. What it really boils down to is an attempt to truly elevate the quality of life of local residents by exposing them to a variety of artists and all aspects of art. [Read more…]

What’s Going On At Sam Bass Community Theatre

Red-Velvet-Cake-WarSam Bass Community Theater has a lot going on for the next few weeks. For starters, they are getting close to the opening of their next production which will be The Red Velvet Cake War, directed by Lynn Beaver, and created by the famous comedy writing trio of Jones, Hope, and Wooten. This laugh fest of a show will be starting its run on Friday September 27th and it will run through Saturday October 19th. Please watch the attached video for hilarious clips from Sam Bass’s most recent reading. You will really enjoy yourself.

Jones, Hope and Wooten are well known for their ability to capture the unique flavor of small town southern life. and The Red Velvet Cake cake-red-velvet-cakeWar is that and so much more. The play is situated in the fictional town of Sweetgum, Texas, and is centered on the antics of the Verdeen family, their family reunion, and a hotly contested bake-off. I attended a reading rehearsal, and I laughed the whole way through. Watch the video.

Sam Bass Community Theatre LogoAlso on the Sam Bass Community Theatre agenda is their membership drive, a season ticket drive and fundraising for a new annex. Membership opportunities with SBCT are available at many levels, and depending on the level you choose, memberships come with very attractive perks that really sweeten the deal. Memberships start at a modest $15 and go as high as you want. Some of the perks include complementary tickets, complementary season tickets, invitations to gala events, and of course, you get to support a local, Round Rock organization that is working hard to enrich our lives through superb entertainment. [Read more…]

Round Rock’s Penfold Theatre’s Next Production – RED

Shipwrecked (1)What is art? I can’t really tell you what it is, but I know it when I see it. Haven’t heard that before have you? I know, cliché, cliché, cliché, but it was a reaction I learned to trust over time. For me, it became not so much the piece the artist created, but the strong emotional response I got when the piece first landed on my eyes. Weird, right? Let me give you an example. I have walked through lots of galleries, art fairs, studios and so forth, and I’ve seen a lot of impressive work, but  every once in a great while, I see something that makes me stop and keeps me from moving on. In those rare moments I find myself really enjoying the piece in front of me. It’s a strange feeling I can only describe as “my little happy.”

This happened at a flea market I was wondering through while on a trip to visit my brother and his family while he was stationed in the Navy at Pearl Harbor. It imageswas almost time to close the market, and at one of the last booths I came to there was this young guy selling pottery. He had done all of the work himself. The only pieces he had left were bowls. They were as dark as the lava rocks that cover so much of the island, and there was nothing really special about them at all. Still, I couldn’t take my eyes off of the bowls. I loved the way they felt in my hand, the way the sunlight reflected off their surface – everything. I bought one little bowl about the size of a cereal bowl for five dollars. I still can’t tell you why it felt so good to be the owner of that bowl. That bowl still sits by my bead, and every time I look at it I get the same emotional reaction – every single time. I guess that’s my definition of art.

Shipwrecked (5)I got the same emotional response to a Penfold Theatre reading of RED I attended at Round Rock’s Art Space on Main Street. I didn’t really know what to expect, but for me it was one of those happy accidents where chance and planning intersect and the payoff is sweet. Ryan Crowder, Producing Artistic Director at Penfold, and one of the actors in this 90 minute long, two-man play, once again indulged me with a brief interview that is a part of the video attached to this post. [Read more…]