I live Well Nutrition Therapy Reminds Us It Is National Nutrition Month

March Is National Nutrition Month

By: Sama Kaskas, RD, LD

Sama Kaskas, RD, LD, I Live Well Nutrition Therapy Your Local Color.ComMarch is National Nutrition Month! This time of the year we get to celebrate food as the ultimate source of pleasure and good taste. Particularly, the pleasure we find in discovering the rainbow of foods through healthy eating.

National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign sponsored annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. March 12, 2014 is our seventh annual Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, a day to recognize dietitians’ vital roles helping people enjoy healthy lifestyles. “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right” is the theme for this year’s National Nutrition Month, with a goal to increase awareness about healthy meal planning, while enjoying the combination of taste and nutrition. [Read more…]

Confused About Heart Healthy Eating? Laura Krebs-Holm of iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy Sheds Some Light On The Subject


February Is All About The Heart

By: Laura Krebs-Holm, MS, RD, LD

Laura Krebs-Holm Your Local Color.ComFebruary is all about the heart. This time of the year, we see red and pink heart cutouts in almost every store and in ads. It’s the time of year to tell your Valentine how much they mean to you. But that’s not the only heart that matters this month. February is also National Heart Month.

We all know how we should eat for a healthy heart, right? At times, it can be pretty confusing. It seems like every few months, new research contradicts what we previously thought. We are constantly learning new things about how our body’s cardiovascular system works, what damages it, and what doesn’t. So what do we know? Here are some myths and facts: [Read more…]

Georgetown Real Estate Professional, Jeff Arnold, Discusses The Topic Of Pre-Need Planning

Jeff Arnold, SERS Senior Realty Your Local Color.ComPlanning for the end of your life is a difficult subject to discuss at any age. No one knows what’s coming next, but your eminent passing could not possibly be one of the options, right? Well, not so much for me just now. Now that I find myself in my mid 50s, I catch myself thinking about that subject more frequently. It’s not a morbid curiosity, it’s because people I know who are around my age are starting to pass away.


Yogi Berra is credited with saying, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Well, here’s a prediction I am prepared to make now: I will die. I’m not especially looking forward to that fact, I’m just closer to that day now than ever before, and I know it isn’t such a remote possibility. [Read more…]

Local Author and Healer, Jan Marquart, LCSW, Teaches To Heal Through Writing

Jan Marquart - About the Author - Your Local Color.ComJan Marquart is one of our local authors. Like a rapidly growing number of the people who live and work here, she was not born here, nor did she spend most of her life here, but she is here non-the-less. Jan is our neighbor. She is a professional psychotherapist and the author of more than 10 books. Jan is also a business woman and mentor to many local authors seeking help in getting their work published and marketed. She really is Local Color.

Jan’s journey to become a writer and a healer began in New York City in the middle of a rain storm. She was around ten years old. The memory is as clear to her now as if it happened last night. She was looking down in awe at the blank pages of a diary her mother had just given her. Her father was in the front room watching television and eating an apple. Her very first diary entry was about a little red-headed boy she had fallen for.

That first diary sat empty in front of her, but the empty page did not intimidate Jan like it does so many of us. As she described that first experience, I got the impression that the empty page seemed to excite her like the feeling you might get when you find a new best friend – a friend that you could share your secrets with and be confident that those thoughts would remain just between you two. [Read more…]

Grown, Raised and Made By Your Neighbors: Organic Foods From Greenling.com

greenlinglogoMy first memories of what the future might promise for us was watching The Jetsons. I would sit glued in front of our black and white TV watching George and Jane Jetson zip around in their futuristic flying version of today’s minivan, dropping off the kids, going shopping or heading off to work. They lived in this crazy apartment building up in the clouds and they had a robot maid named Rosie, or was it Roomba?

We’ve all seen the show, right? If you have, you might remember prepackaged meals the Jetsons enjoyed that came in a pill or popped out of a slot in the wall. It was all very simple and quick, and in those days it seemed rather farfetched. If we look around today, almost 50 years later, you might not think The Jetsons is all that futuristic, but for a five year old kid in the early sixties it sure was. [Read more…]

Release Your Inner Artist and Uncork Your Creativity at Art by the Glass Studio in Round Rock

Art by the Glass LogoIs there an artist lurking inside you looking for a chance to come out into the open? I mean, we all have those shelved creative ambitions, don’t we? If you’ve got an old itch to paint, and you never gave yourself the chance to scratch it, well, here’s your chance. Natalie Knobloch is the owner of Art by the Glass Studio right here in Round Rock, and she has the perfect setting you need to bring your hidden artist out of the shadows, and have a really great time doing it.

When I heard about Art by the Glass Studio, I knew it would be perfect for Your Local Color.Com.  From the beginning to the end of the evening, it was relaxed and party-like. Natalie encourages those who attend to bring their favorite adult beverage – wine was the drink of choice for most of those who attended – and this certainly added to the easygoing atmosphere. However, this is not just about socializing over a glass of wine, and there was a lot of that going on, it is about getting something done and enjoying the process. [Read more…]

Brenda Armistead AKA Granny Goodfish Shows Us All Why Holding On To Our Dreams Is So Important

Brenda Selfie 3Brenda’s story is one that many can totally relate to, and one that can inspire us all. We all start our lives with a dream of what could be, but quite often circumstances step in and push those dreams onto the back burner, or they get taken off the stove altogether. I am pretty sure now at fifty five, I’ll never throw a pass in a professional football game, but Brenda Armistead or Granny Goodfish as she is known now, is finally getting the chance to live out her childhood dream of making a living as an artist.

Brenda’s dream sparked into a passion in high school when she discovered a talentchebella for making pottery. She was good at it, and even had the chance at that tender age to present her work at a showing. However, Brenda’s newly found passion for throwing pottery was cooled a little by circumstances, and like many, she got on with living while she tucked her dreams away in the back of her mind.

Not long after realizing that going to college and studying art was not going to be an option, Brenda began a decades-long career in electronics manufacturing that started at Motorola in Austin. She loved the work and was good at it, but she never forgot or would ever let go of her dream of making art out of clay. Along the way, Brenda discovered a new passion – scuba diving. Like many of the hobbies we find ourselves following, she happened upon scuba diving accidentally on a trip she took to Mexico with some friends. [Read more…]

Home Staging: Dorothy Featherling’s Ideas On Staging Your Kitchen For Your Home’s Sale

Dorothy Smiling The KitchenThe kitchen was where the real business of our family life happened in the home where I grew up.  We would gather there literally from all over the world.  Mom’s relatives from England would show up in that room.  Dad’s old war buddies and his extended family from Ohio would make their way to that kitchen from time to time.  My brothers and sister would make a beeline straight to that kitchen as they started or finished their many trips out of and back to Waco.  Girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands, new grand kids, college roommates, and anybody that tagged along with one of us for a cup of tea and a bite to eat were welcomed by mom and dad into that room, and they always had a place around that table.

It was also a place where we hashed out our family issues.  Believe me, there were11375019_1 a few.  My brother Philip was always happy to point out a little dent in mom’s knotty pine cabinet door that was the result of a disagreement he had with her.  As I recall, the dent was caused by a small frying pan that my tiny mom snatched off of the stove and winged at his head.  It missed his head, made a dent in the cabinet and created a family story that never grows old and always makes us laugh – always.  I could never look at that spot on the cabinet again without a belly laugh.

Tea_Party_in_the_KitchenI know, I know…  A little too personal, right?  No!  That was us, that’s what happened in that room, and that is who we still are.  We were and are a lot of things, but polished and elegant are not qualities you would use to describe us.  Neither was that room.  It was just as rough and interesting as the family that filled it.  It was very much like the living room I told you about earlier.  The same knotty pine panels were on the kitchen wainscoting and on the cabinets.  Faux wrought iron cabinet handles, dark forest green tiles on the counters, and the same wagon wheel chandelier that hung in the living room was right above the kitchen table.  That wagon wheel chandelier didn’t last long.  Dad would constantly bang his bald head on it, swear and send it swinging wildly.  When mom finally updated the kitchen, it was bye-bye wagon wheel.

Dorothy says that the kitchen is the “heart of the house.”  It certainly was for our family. [Read more…]

Georgetown Real Estate Professional, Jeff Arnold, Shares About The Importance Of The Listing Agreement To A Senior Homeowner

Jeff Arnold, SRES, Georgetown TexasIt’s not easy selling the home you’ve lived in for more than twenty years. In every corner, on every bookshelf and in every room there is a special memory. Its emotionally wrenching to let it all go and that is just the beginning of the considerations you must keep in mind. There are so many hurdles to leap over, and to get it done with the least amount of emotional pain, the senior home owner and their family are going to need some help.

Enlisting the help of your adult children or other family members is a good first step. “Many hands make light work” they say. However, even with the enthusiastic and sincere help of family and friends, you are still in for some strong headwinds if you don’t line your ducks up early on.

One duck you really want to line up first is your real estate agent. Don’t even get me started on “for sale by owner.” I bought a Sell Your Own Home For Dummies book years ago, and I didn’t get out of the first chapter senior-couple-and-real-estate-agentbefore I ran screaming to the real estate section of the yellow pages. Hiring a real estate agent was the best first decision we made selling any of our homes. I can say first hand that getting a competent and understanding real estate agent is well worth it and an essential first step for any home owner. Period. [Read more…]

Round Rock’s Austin Chronicle Hot Sauce Festival Winner And Local Treasure, Michael Valencia, Shares His Story Of Success

Michael ValenciaWe all love stories like Michael Valencia’s and it is truly inspiring. You’ve heard them before, but they never get old. Steve Jobs starts Apple in his parent’s garage, Bill Gates starts Microsoft out of his hotel room in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Harland Sanders at the tender age of 65 uses his Social Security check to finance the startup of Kentucky Fried Chicken, and the list goes on and on. The United States is a place where you can do those kinds of things.

I have a feeling that in a few years we’re all going to be talking about Michael Valencia a lot like we do about another famous Michael who brought his business to Round Rock. Michael Valencia is the owner of Mikey V’s Foods. He started it out of his own kitchen fifteen years ago making his salsa for friends and family, and he has now grown Mikey V’s into a commercial bottling business with customers all over Texas.

Goethe said, “Whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it. Boldness has genius and power and magic in it. Begin it now.” I know Michael is a bold man just because he told me about his service as a US Marine, so that was a given. But it takes an extra special measure of courage to take a risk like starting a business, especially now.  Michael is taking it on, and like Goethe advises, Michael began “it” and the magic is happening.  Take a few minutes to watch the video. In it you will hear Michael doing a better job of telling his story than I do. [Read more…]