Shadow Cats’ TNR Heroes Give A Sad Story A Happy Ending

Shadow Cats Cat RescueWe all want sad stories to have happy endings, right? What makes a happy ending so powerful and so welcomed? I’ll tell you, it’s the long, nasty, depressing bit in the middle.  With a happy ending, the sad parts somehow get fixed, and the story is brought to a triumphant end. Simple, right?

It usually goes like this: First, you have some terribly unpleasant situation, a desperate and seemingly impossible situation, and then miraculously, out of the blue, something happens to make it not only right, but even better than you could have ever imagined. Think about most of the stories by Charles Dickens.

I am no Charles Dickens, and this story doesn’t have the wonderfully complex plot twists and turns of, say David Copperfield, but it is still touchingly sad, and it has that beautifully happy ending that would warm the heart of anyone. [Read more…]

Central Texas Cat Hospital – Round Rock’s Quality Care for Your Kitty

Round Rock's Central Texas Cat Hospital logo CTCHI have heard it said that dogs have owners and cats have staff. Boy, is that the truth. I really can’t say I am for sure a cat person or a dog person because I have simply been an animal person my entire life. I love our critter companions dearly whether they bark, meow, chirp or squeak. However, there is nothing like a cat. Nothing.

I think that is what draws us to them so much. It is the mystery. Here you have an animal that, in spite of its tiny size, is a very close representation of a 500 lb. Bengal tiger. Besides the obvious size difference, there are only subtle physical differences between the big and the small cat so, in my opinion, kitties just look like scaled down tigers and lions. That is just so cool. You have the subcompact version of the king of beasts roaming around in your home. Again, that is just so cool.

Now, what do we do with them? One of the many reasons we love cats so much is they seem to operate on autopilot. They are not as needy or as clingy as dogs. Some would say that is one of their faults, but we won’t debate these facts; we’ll just accept them.

They don’t need to be walked, and you don’t have to follow them around with a bunch of plastic bags to pick up their poop. You gotta love that. They take care of most things on their own and generally leave you to fend for yourself unless they find that something is wrong, whereby they are glad to point out your errors by sitting on your computer key board while you are trying to work or waking you up at 3:00 am so that they can show you their bottom. [Read more…]