Texas Humane Heroes Rogue Rescue Run 5K Supports No-Kill Pet Rescue

TexasHumaneHeroes_Logo-150It was a perfect day for a run. I can’t imagine running to the mailbox anymore in the shape I’m in, but if I could run, this would have been the day to do it, and what a great cause. Texas Humane Heroes had their third annual Rogue Rescue Run 5K to support the amazing work they do to find homes for animals in Central Texas.

Raising funds to keep a nonprofit like Texas Humane Heroes going is endless, and it has to be done. This rescue takes in homeless animals, typically from local municipal shelters that would otherwise have to put them down to make space. Texas Humane Heroes is no-kill shelter, so that means that they commit to take care of every pet they take in until it is adopted. That gets expensive.

There is a significant cost associated with each animal that comes in. Spaying and neutering, along with veterinary checks, vaccinations, microchiping, food and shelter, costs around $200 per pet. In order to cover some of that cost, Texas Humane Heroes does charge a small fee – the average is from $85 to $100 – for adoptions. The rest of the cost has to come from fundraising. [Read more…]

Your Neighbors Making Life Better For Blue Dogs

Blue Dog RescueMy mom was an animal person. If you have read any of my past posts, it is likely that you are familiar with her. If you have read all of my past posts, you probably know her pretty well. She was amazing. She was a through and through animal person, and it seemed that her enthusiasm for taking care of misfit and outcast critters was inexhaustible.

I often imagined that there was some kind of “word of snout” underground network that informed lost cats, dogs and other homeless critters that the lady on Crow Drive with the funny accent was good for food, drink and a little shelter. She never turned any animal away and would post advertisements in the Waco Tribune until she found someone to take them home. That’s a fact. She was a one-woman animal rescue service.

While I was growing up in the 60s and 70s, I don’t remember there being any sort of organized rescue of abandoned and mistreated animals. If there had been one, mom would have either known about it or would have been involved. What did we do with all of those poor creatures in those days? Outside of the local animal shelter it was probably people like my mom that took up the slack. I guess the need grew and grew until the kindhearted among us had to do something to get help with the burden. I know there was nothing to spread the word in those days besides TV, radio, newspapers and word of mouth or snout. [Read more…]