Mustang Heritage Foundation Holds Adoption Auction For Newly Trained Mustangs This April 26th

Mustang Heritage Foundation Your Local Color.ComRight here in Williamson County there is a program that is helping wounded veterans put their lives back together and save some very majestic animals. The program is called the Mustang Mentor Program and it is a part of the Mustang Heritage Foundation.

They have a live adoption auction event planned at their Williamson County facilities this April 26th from 10:00am to 1:00pm. It’s a Saturday, so it would be a great opportunity for you and your family to drop by and get to know these good folks. You might just leave with a beautiful horse.

Mustang Heritage Foundation Your Local Color.ComLocated a short drive east of Georgetown, Texas, the program doesn’t end at helping our wounded warriors get back on their feet, it is also a way for this amazing group to accomplish its other goal, and that is to facilitate the successful adoption of American mustangs.

The Bureau of Land Management – part of the federal government – has the job of trying to manage the wild mustang and burro population roaming the western United States. It would be great just to let these wild and beautiful creatures range freely, but the grazing pressure they exert on the fragile western US ecology is significant.

Mustang Heritage Foundation - Mustang Mentors - Your Local Color.ComWild mustang and burro herds are culled regularly to reduce that grazing pressure. The captured horses are held by the BLM and made available for adoption. It is hoped that these horses and burros can be trained for use as companion animals, or even as a service animal for use on a farm or ranch.

The Mustang Mentor Program accomplishes this training or “gentling” with the help of former military personnel. The fit is perfect and mutually beneficial.

Soldiers on a Truck - Mustang Heritage Foundation - Mustang Mentors - Your Local Color.ComIt’s stressful enough serving in the military far away from home and family, but quite often those keeping us safe have to deal with some very bad people who are trying to cause them great harm. The whole process for those serving can get a little overwhelming. It is not unusual for a veteran who has returned home safe and sound to find that the transition from the battle field to civilian life can be more than challenging.

The Mustang Mentor Program pairs a veteran with a totally wild mustang. The veteran and the horse have about 100 days to work out their partnership with the goal of turning the formally wild horse into an animal that can be successfully adopted.

Mustang Heritage Foundation - Mustang Mentors - Your Local Color.ComThis process is win-win because while the veteran is gentling the horse, the horse is accomplishing much the same thing in the veteran. The program was piloted in 2013 and it was so successful that the first full program was initiated this February and will wrap up in April with the auction of the first group of six trained and gentled horses.

Byron Hogan, Program Coordinator of the Mustang Heritage Foundation here in Williamson County, encourages all local residents to come out on April 26th to not only take advantage of the chance to adopt a tamed mustang, but also to get the chance to meet the veterans who worked so hard to get these noble animals to a place of safety.

Please watch the attached video so you can get a chance to learn more about this program and hear from one of the veterans, Lori Russell, who is involved in the Mustang Mentor Program.

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Georgetown Author, D.A. Featherling, Is A Local Treasure You Need To Find Out About

Dorothy Smiling 1Its funny how life experiences prepare you for your next adventure. Life is full of starts and stops. The starts are generally full of hope, always exciting, and usually fun, and if you keep your wits about you, the stops can be just as promising and interesting. When life gives you one of those complete stops and the dust finally settles and you take some time to survey the situation, you might find that you have been perfectly equipped for a new door that suddenly opens up for you. A door that in the past you would have never believed you would be walking through.

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11-5-2013 2-37-05 PMThere’s nothing like being home for the holidays. At that season, it seems like everyone’s heart turns toward that special place where we all gathered to reconnect, catch up and celebrate. After Thanksgiving is behind us, we pull boxes out of the attic or the hall closet and carefully unpack our family Christmas treasures for one more year of sparkle. There are the old favorites that have their own special place on the tree or on the mantle. Then there are the new decorations that need a special place, and that requires some careful thought. To help us make those important decorating decisions, Bing Crosby and Nat King Cole are softly singing our old favorites in the background on the stereo.

It is a special time, and there is no better place to celebrate it than in the home. Georgetown Heritage Society is well aware of this fact, and so it is once WCVadenHouseagain helping us all to get in the Christmas Spirit with its Holiday Tour of Homes and Buildings. This tradition has deep roots in this community, having been a part of Georgetown’s holiday festivities since 1976. It is one of many Georgetown Christmas traditions that really makes Georgetown a holiday destination for so many Central Texans. [Read more…]

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Dorothy Smiling The KitchenThe kitchen was where the real business of our family life happened in the home where I grew up.  We would gather there literally from all over the world.  Mom’s relatives from England would show up in that room.  Dad’s old war buddies and his extended family from Ohio would make their way to that kitchen from time to time.  My brothers and sister would make a beeline straight to that kitchen as they started or finished their many trips out of and back to Waco.  Girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands, new grand kids, college roommates, and anybody that tagged along with one of us for a cup of tea and a bite to eat were welcomed by mom and dad into that room, and they always had a place around that table.

It was also a place where we hashed out our family issues.  Believe me, there were11375019_1 a few.  My brother Philip was always happy to point out a little dent in mom’s knotty pine cabinet door that was the result of a disagreement he had with her.  As I recall, the dent was caused by a small frying pan that my tiny mom snatched off of the stove and winged at his head.  It missed his head, made a dent in the cabinet and created a family story that never grows old and always makes us laugh – always.  I could never look at that spot on the cabinet again without a belly laugh.

Tea_Party_in_the_KitchenI know, I know…  A little too personal, right?  No!  That was us, that’s what happened in that room, and that is who we still are.  We were and are a lot of things, but polished and elegant are not qualities you would use to describe us.  Neither was that room.  It was just as rough and interesting as the family that filled it.  It was very much like the living room I told you about earlier.  The same knotty pine panels were on the kitchen wainscoting and on the cabinets.  Faux wrought iron cabinet handles, dark forest green tiles on the counters, and the same wagon wheel chandelier that hung in the living room was right above the kitchen table.  That wagon wheel chandelier didn’t last long.  Dad would constantly bang his bald head on it, swear and send it swinging wildly.  When mom finally updated the kitchen, it was bye-bye wagon wheel.

Dorothy says that the kitchen is the “heart of the house.”  It certainly was for our family. [Read more…]

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Home offices are a sought after part of  the American home now. They are also a tremendous value-added feature of most new homes.  If you don’t have one it can be a deal breaker on the sale of a home.  Corporate cutbacks, the shrinking job market, flexible working arrangements and increases in contract labor jobs for American workers are all macro economic conditions that make the home office a must have for more and more home buyers. If you have a room in your home that is specifically created for that function, you are ahead of a seller who does not. [Read more…]

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Jeff Arnold, SRES, Georgetown TexasIt’s not easy selling the home you’ve lived in for more than twenty years. In every corner, on every bookshelf and in every room there is a special memory. Its emotionally wrenching to let it all go and that is just the beginning of the considerations you must keep in mind. There are so many hurdles to leap over, and to get it done with the least amount of emotional pain, the senior home owner and their family are going to need some help.

Enlisting the help of your adult children or other family members is a good first step. “Many hands make light work” they say. However, even with the enthusiastic and sincere help of family and friends, you are still in for some strong headwinds if you don’t line your ducks up early on.

One duck you really want to line up first is your real estate agent. Don’t even get me started on “for sale by owner.” I bought a Sell Your Own Home For Dummies book years ago, and I didn’t get out of the first chapter senior-couple-and-real-estate-agentbefore I ran screaming to the real estate section of the yellow pages. Hiring a real estate agent was the best first decision we made selling any of our homes. I can say first hand that getting a competent and understanding real estate agent is well worth it and an essential first step for any home owner. Period. [Read more…]

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Dorothy Featherling - EntrywayIn the home I grew up in we had a formal dining room. We didn’t use it all that much, but it was my mom’s pride and joy. The main spot where family and friends gathered for conversation, meals, snacks and tea – no coffee for us because mom was English, don’t you know! – was the kitchen table. However, mom wasn’t one of those people who wouldn’t let you into the dining room unless it was being used. You know that type! The kind of person who would basically rope off the dining room with some fancy type of crime scene tape, and start sweating bullets if you get anywhere near it. Mom was nothing like that, but she always kept it tidy, spotless and ready for action.

Mom eventually got a large, beautiful china cabinet where she showed off her good china, crystal, and the rest of her 4e33_1pretty stuff. The room was large with a huge picture window, that when the curtains and blinds were open, would flood the room with light. We had an old Grundig stereo console that worked perfectly as a buffet table in a pinch. It was boxy, rectangular and long and it had a beautiful dark finish. It was a classic design straight out of the ‘50s. You could just imagine Fred MacMurray standing by it in a smoking jacket and holding a smoldering pipe. Mom would throw a pretty cover over the stereo’s cabinet and set it up right nice.

Oval Queen Anne TableThen there was the table. It had a beautiful, dark wood stain with Queen Anne legs and classically tapered edge. The chairs were just like it except they had cloth seat covers. Mom was over the moon about it. It was the room’s center piece. We used it at Thanksgiving and Christmas pretty exclusively. There were other infrequent occasions when the whole crew– there were a lot of us – got together for some family hoedown when it served extra duty, but it was mainly Christmas and Thanksgiving. [Read more…]