Home Staging: Dorothy Featherling’s Ideas On Staging Your Kitchen For Your Home’s Sale

Dorothy Smiling The KitchenThe kitchen was where the real business of our family life happened in the home where I grew up.  We would gather there literally from all over the world.  Mom’s relatives from England would show up in that room.  Dad’s old war buddies and his extended family from Ohio would make their way to that kitchen from time to time.  My brothers and sister would make a beeline straight to that kitchen as they started or finished their many trips out of and back to Waco.  Girlfriends, boyfriends, wives and husbands, new grand kids, college roommates, and anybody that tagged along with one of us for a cup of tea and a bite to eat were welcomed by mom and dad into that room, and they always had a place around that table.

It was also a place where we hashed out our family issues.  Believe me, there were11375019_1 a few.  My brother Philip was always happy to point out a little dent in mom’s knotty pine cabinet door that was the result of a disagreement he had with her.  As I recall, the dent was caused by a small frying pan that my tiny mom snatched off of the stove and winged at his head.  It missed his head, made a dent in the cabinet and created a family story that never grows old and always makes us laugh – always.  I could never look at that spot on the cabinet again without a belly laugh.

Tea_Party_in_the_KitchenI know, I know…  A little too personal, right?  No!  That was us, that’s what happened in that room, and that is who we still are.  We were and are a lot of things, but polished and elegant are not qualities you would use to describe us.  Neither was that room.  It was just as rough and interesting as the family that filled it.  It was very much like the living room I told you about earlier.  The same knotty pine panels were on the kitchen wainscoting and on the cabinets.  Faux wrought iron cabinet handles, dark forest green tiles on the counters, and the same wagon wheel chandelier that hung in the living room was right above the kitchen table.  That wagon wheel chandelier didn’t last long.  Dad would constantly bang his bald head on it, swear and send it swinging wildly.  When mom finally updated the kitchen, it was bye-bye wagon wheel.

Dorothy says that the kitchen is the “heart of the house.”  It certainly was for our family. [Read more…]

Home Staging: Dorothy Featherling Helps You Get Your Home Office Ready For Your Home’s Sale

Dorothy Smailing Home Office 3I have had a fully functioning home office since the fall of 1986 when I started graduate school. That’s a long time ago. At the time, I thought my next office would be a cubicle in some corporate anthill in Dallas or Houston. Boy was I wrong. My first job out of graduate school was as a sales representative in the Texas Panhandle for a pharmaceutical company. That is a long way from Dallas or Houston.  A home office was expected to be something that I would provide for myself and I did. That was 27 years ago and my home office is still a huge part of my life and our home. I could have never dreamed of launching this blog without it.

Home offices are a sought after part of  the American home now. They are also a tremendous value-added feature of most new homes.  If you don’t have one it can be a deal breaker on the sale of a home.  Corporate cutbacks, the shrinking job market, flexible working arrangements and increases in contract labor jobs for American workers are all macro economic conditions that make the home office a must have for more and more home buyers. If you have a room in your home that is specifically created for that function, you are ahead of a seller who does not. [Read more…]

Home Staging: Dorothy Featherling Gives Great Advice On Getting Your Dining Room In Shape For A Sale

Dorothy Featherling - EntrywayIn the home I grew up in we had a formal dining room. We didn’t use it all that much, but it was my mom’s pride and joy. The main spot where family and friends gathered for conversation, meals, snacks and tea – no coffee for us because mom was English, don’t you know! – was the kitchen table. However, mom wasn’t one of those people who wouldn’t let you into the dining room unless it was being used. You know that type! The kind of person who would basically rope off the dining room with some fancy type of crime scene tape, and start sweating bullets if you get anywhere near it. Mom was nothing like that, but she always kept it tidy, spotless and ready for action.

Mom eventually got a large, beautiful china cabinet where she showed off her good china, crystal, and the rest of her 4e33_1pretty stuff. The room was large with a huge picture window, that when the curtains and blinds were open, would flood the room with light. We had an old Grundig stereo console that worked perfectly as a buffet table in a pinch. It was boxy, rectangular and long and it had a beautiful dark finish. It was a classic design straight out of the ‘50s. You could just imagine Fred MacMurray standing by it in a smoking jacket and holding a smoldering pipe. Mom would throw a pretty cover over the stereo’s cabinet and set it up right nice.

Oval Queen Anne TableThen there was the table. It had a beautiful, dark wood stain with Queen Anne legs and classically tapered edge. The chairs were just like it except they had cloth seat covers. Mom was over the moon about it. It was the room’s center piece. We used it at Thanksgiving and Christmas pretty exclusively. There were other infrequent occasions when the whole crew– there were a lot of us – got together for some family hoedown when it served extra duty, but it was mainly Christmas and Thanksgiving. [Read more…]

Home Staging: Dorothy Featherling Shares Her Ideas And Tips To Get Your Living Room Ready For A Sale

Dorothy Featherling - EntrywayThe living room used to be the center of family life in the American home. It certainly was for me while I was growing up. I can still see my mom and dad in their easy chairs watching TV, snacking on salted peanuts or M&Ms, and a cat on a lap or two. Memories of me and my pets curled up by the fire place watching Little Joe and Ben Cartwright tame the old west are as clear today as if they just happened.

The people who lived in our house before mom and dad bought it must have been very interesting. The living room had a red brick fireplace with a beautiful oak mantle, the rest of the room was decorated with a western theme. Tan, horse-head covered wall paper and a huge wagon wheel chandelier were two features that stand out. Dark knotty pine wainscoting surrounded the room, and, of course, my dad’s gun cabinet along the back wall. I think the wagon wheel chandelier might even still be there.

I can remember every detail about that room and all of the changes. Over time mom and dad – mainly mom – tweaked it, changing the carpet a time or two, getting rid of the horse-head wall paper, adding built in bookshelves, and creating a large opening to the dinging room. I think my memories are so strong because we shared so much life there. Warts and all, in that room we were a family. [Read more…]

Home Staging: Dorothy Featherling of Stage & Sell Walks You Through Your Entryway

Dorothy Featherling - EntrywayMy kids still do it, and I bet yours do to. It’s not as frequent now that they are grown and on their own, but when they come by for a visit, it’s still the same. All the way from first grade through High School, the second they walked in the door they would start shedding the stuff they were carrying like a pair of lobsters shedding their shells.

Boxes dropped and shoes kicked off right by the door. Next to hit the ground were the jackets, book bags, athletic gear, purses and computer bags. This stuff usually made it past the door, but never past the bottom of the stairs. I can still see them both wiggling and writhing from the front door into the kitchen, dropping stuff with each step. At the end of the day the door and the stairs would look like a turned over clothing drop box for a thrift store. Sound familiar?

Here we are with the third installment in our series on home staging. In this post, a local Home Staging Professional and a familiar face, Dorothy Featherling, owner of Staging The EntrywayStage & Sell in Georgetown, shares her ideas on how to get your home’s interior, specifically the inside entryway, in shape for a sale. In the last post, Dorothy shared her ideas on getting the outside ready. Well, it’s time to get the buyer to walk through the door. If your entryway is as inviting as “a pair of warm, loving arms,” you’re not only going to draw them into the home, you’re going tempt them to explore the rest of the house. [Read more…]

Home Staging: Dorothy Featherling Shares Tips On How to Improve Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Home Staging - Dorothy FeatherlingDoesn’t it annoy you when your neighbors won’t keep up with their yard? Yes it does, but after what I have learned, I should really be more focused on my own yard – front, side and back – especially if I might be selling my home in the future.

Here we are with the second installment in our series on home staging. In this post, a local home staging professional, Dorothy Featherling, shares her expertise on how to get your home’s exterior in shape for a sale. From what Dorothy has to say, it’s really worth it. Curb appeal is so important in selling your home quickly and for top dollar, and with a few of Dorothy’s common sense ideas applied to the task, it really shouldn’t be that hard.

What about the outside of your home when it comes time for you and your family to pick up and move? What is the first impression your home gives off as a potential buyer pulls up in front? Your home’s curb appeal, or lack of curb appeal, can kill your home sale with just one glance. They’ll just buckle up their seat belts and pull away. [Read more…]

Home Staging: Aimey Hanners of Austin Premier Home Staging Shares Ideas You Can Use To Sell Your Home

Aimey Hanner Home Staging Round Rock Texas Austin MetroI am no expert on selling a home, but I am pretty good at marketing, and I know why marketing is important. It’s not, as some have called it, putting lipstick on a pig. That idea is easy, desperate and cynical. It might get you a sale but, in the long run, it’s not going get you what you are really looking for, and what you are looking for is the very best price. If you’re selling pigs you don’t need lipstick, you need someone who is looking to buy a pig. I am going to guess that selling your home is pretty much the same idea. One of the most important jobs of marketing, whether you’re selling a pig or your home, is getting the right product in front of the right customer for the right price. Sounds simple, right? Yes. It pretty much is.

Selling your home? If you haven’t already, you need to check into the idea of home staging. What I have come to learn is Home Stagingthat home staging is a smart and simple way to sell your home faster and for a better price. I’ll get into a couple of quick and easy specifics further down, but for now keep reading.  If you want to jump right into a more expert explanation, take a few minutes to watch the attached video. Aimey Hanners of Austin Premier Home Staging gives a much better explanation of staging than I do, and she shares some great ideas about how to get started. Aimey’s practical and easy to understand explanation is a must-watch

If you want to get the very best price for your home, and you are going to stage your home, you are going to have to put in a little effort. Come on, man, why? The homes around here are flying off the shelves! I could understand going to all of the trouble of home staging if times were tough. Right now, I hear all you have to do is stick a sign out front, and the phone starts ringing. I’m too busy. It’ll be too expensive. I just want to sell it and get on with my life. Well, okay for you, money-bags, but most people are not comfortable walking away from tens of thousands of dollars. Most folks would be pretty happy to get the most money possible from selling anything, and home staging is not as expensive as the cash you’ll be walking away from. [Read more…]