Sweet Seven Designs – Ashlyn and Vicki Henderson at Georgetown’s Market Days

Georgetown Texas Sweet 7 Designs Ashlyn and Vicki Henderson

Ashlyn and Vicki

I mentioned Ashlyn and Vicki Henderson in my most recent article on Georgetown Market Days. Ashlyn and Vicki were kind enough to give me a few minutes of their time to talk about their business, Sweet Seven Designs.

Ashlyn makes soap and Sweet Seven Designs is the business she founded to sell that soup. She started Sweet Seven Designs so she could earn a little extra spending money and two years later she is still going strong. She sells her soap at Market Days and she has an Etsy account she uses as well.  Oh, I forgot to mention that she started this when she was seven years old and now she is nine.  Impressive.

Mom, Vickie, tells the story like this: Ashlyn needed to find a way to earn some extra cash. She didn’t want to do chores around the house as Vickie proposed so Vicki offered another solution. Ashlyn had just learned how to make soap along with some of her friends and so Vickie suggested that making and selling soap would be the way to go. Ashlyn liked the idea and they immediately set to work to bring this idea into the market place. I am just amazed at the strong entrepreneurial spirit that is on display in this little girl. [Read more…]