I live Well Nutrition Therapy Reminds Us It Is National Nutrition Month

March Is National Nutrition Month

By: Sama Kaskas, RD, LD

Sama Kaskas, RD, LD, I Live Well Nutrition Therapy Your Local Color.ComMarch is National Nutrition Month! This time of the year we get to celebrate food as the ultimate source of pleasure and good taste. Particularly, the pleasure we find in discovering the rainbow of foods through healthy eating.

National Nutrition Month is a nutrition education and information campaign sponsored annually by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. March 12, 2014 is our seventh annual Registered Dietitian Nutritionist Day, a day to recognize dietitians’ vital roles helping people enjoy healthy lifestyles. “Enjoy the Taste of Eating Right” is the theme for this year’s National Nutrition Month, with a goal to increase awareness about healthy meal planning, while enjoying the combination of taste and nutrition. [Read more…]

Confused About Heart Healthy Eating? Laura Krebs-Holm of iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy Sheds Some Light On The Subject


February Is All About The Heart

By: Laura Krebs-Holm, MS, RD, LD

Laura Krebs-Holm Your Local Color.ComFebruary is all about the heart. This time of the year, we see red and pink heart cutouts in almost every store and in ads. It’s the time of year to tell your Valentine how much they mean to you. But that’s not the only heart that matters this month. February is also National Heart Month.

We all know how we should eat for a healthy heart, right? At times, it can be pretty confusing. It seems like every few months, new research contradicts what we previously thought. We are constantly learning new things about how our body’s cardiovascular system works, what damages it, and what doesn’t. So what do we know? Here are some myths and facts: [Read more…]

Meet Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD, CEDRD, of iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy

I Live Well Nutrition TherapyRecently Your Local Color.Com began hosting a new series dedicated to helping our readers and viewers learn more about wellness options available through healthy nutritional choices. The first in the series was by Mary Ann Conroy, RD, LD, and her topic was Happy New Normal 2014. This informative article and video provided practical ideas to help you to achieve your weight loss resolutions for 2014.

That article was, and the rest of the content of this series is going to be provided by the registered and licensed dietitians of iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy. iLiveWell Nutrition Therapy is a local health care business dedicated to helping its patients with nutritional counseling, both one-on-one and in the clinical setting. [Read more…]

Working On New Year’s Resolutions? Mary Ann Conroy, RD, LD, Shares Simple Ideas To Meet Your Goals

Happy New Normal 2014

By: Mary Ann Conroy, RD, LD

Mary Ann Conroy, RD, LD, I Live Well Nutritian TherapyWhat’s the most common New Year’s resolution? You guessed it: Losing weight. What’s the most broken New Year’s resolution? Right again: Losing weight. Why is it so difficult to keep this personal promise? Maybe it’s the resolution itself. Think about it. Weight loss shouldn’t be the promise you make to yourself. It should be the outcome, the desired side effect, of doing something different.

As a dietitian, I see countless individuals with steadfast resolve and the best of intentions succumb to the battle of the bulge. Why? Because they focus all their attention on the desired end result instead of identifying and concentrating on the behavior changes needed to get there. Most of us can probably follow a popular diet plan or eliminate whole food groups long enough to drop a few pounds. 

 – Please take a few minutes to listen to Mary Ann discuss her simple weight loss ideas on the attached video. – [Read more…]