Jackson Galaxy Visits Round Rock’s Shadow Cats

Shadow Cats Cat RescueMy mom, Marion Speasmaker, was a total, over the top cat lady. At one point she had quite a few kitties in her home and they were at all stages of temperament – at least toward us but not mom. Mom had a way with cats and could communicate with them in ways we just couldn’t understand.

She taught us a lot and her lessons prove true even today. One lesson she taught me was that when a cat is looking at you and then slowly blinks its eyes as you make eye contact, it is a sign of affection. She called these eye blinks “kitty kisses.” I was fine with that lesson. All my life, with all of my cats, I would try it out and it seemed to be true but, who knew?

One night I was watching, along with my family, Jackson Galaxy’s My Cat from Hell TV program on the Animal Planet network and I found out that mom was right all Jackson Galaxy Shadow Catsalong. Jackson was working with a difficult cat and the cat was hiding under a bed when Jackson did the eye blink thing with the cat. I couldn’t believe it. I jumped up from the couch and started yelling, “that’s what mom used to say.” My kids and my wife looked at me like I had three heads. After I explained the whole matter, they understood why dad got so excited and settled in to watch the rest of the show. [Read more…]