Round Rock Empty Bowls Festival Fighting Student Hunger In Round Rock

Round Rock Empty Bowls Festival Round Rock ISD Your Local Color.ComBack many years ago when my son was in high school here in Round Rock, I noticed that he was packing a really large lunch to take every day. He would pack extra sandwiches and load up on all sorts of other goodies to take with him. I thought that was a little unusual because he was a skinny kid, and he really didn’t eat a lot.

I asked him if he got especially hungry at school. He said he wasn’t packing the extra food for himself, but he did have a friend who was coming to school every day hungry. He was taking that extra food to feed his friend. [Read more…]

Round Rock Arts Council Hosts Its Fourth Annual Chalk Walk

rra-logoI know a lot about sidewalk chalk. We used to buy it by the bucket full – literally. Both my kids were constantly outside in front of our house grinding the powder out of each piece of colored chalk, and coming back in the house looking like they had been a part of some pastel inspired explosion. We still have a butcher block in our kitchen with my daughter’s yellow sidewalk chalk drawings on its side. It will never be cleaned off.

Because of the fond memories of my son and my daughter pouring out their creative energies onto our sidewalk with chalk, I was not going to miss this year’s Round Rock Chalk Walk. As I understand it, this whole event was inspired by European style street fairs where artists draw with pastels and chalk on the pavement and sidewalks. I have seen video and pictures of such fairs, but this was my first – it won’t be my last.

This past weekend I went to the 4th Annual Chalk Walk sponsored by the Round Rock Arts Council, and I had a blast. Even the weather contributed to my “happy.” I was concerned because there was a small chance of rain in the forecast – water and chalk don’t play well together. Sure enough the morning was a little nippy and the sky was a little cloudy, but soon the sun came out, the air warmed up, and it all turned out perfectly. [Read more…]

Round Rock Area Empty Bowl Festival

Round Rock Empty Bowls FestivalI once heard comedian Louis C.K. say, “The only time you should look in your neighbor’s bowl is to make sure they have enough.” I don’t know where he got the quote but I love it. That’s what neighbors are supposed to do. Do you know if your neighbor has enough to eat? I don’t. It looks like they’re doing pretty good but I don’t know for sure.

In the past neighbors would drop by just to see how you were, especially if they knew or just suspected that you weren’t doing so well. Most of the time they didn’t bother to call or schedule the visit on the calendar, they just dropped by. We’ve lost that sense of community, and we need to get it back. That is what Round Rock Empty Bowls Festival is trying to accomplish. [Read more…]