Sam Bass Community Theatre Turns Scrooge On His Head For Your Holiday Entertainment

18ca31_4e42fdcfefa149abf4bcb3a7bf4aeb62.gif_srz_p_175_162_75_22_0.50_1.20_0We all have our favorite Christmas holiday stories, movies, shows and plays, and there are multiple versions of each one to choose from at this time of year. From Charlie Brown to The Little Drummer Boy, the holidays are filled with a rich assortment of our favorite stories and characters. At the top of that list of favorite stories and characters for many is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and the arch-Christmas villain, Ebenezer Scrooge. We have grown so familiar with that beloved story of redemption that phrases like “bah-humbug” and “God bless us, every one” instantly put us in the holiday spirit.

Still, there are so many other truly great Christmas stories. How do you find time to catch up on all of them with everything else to do this time of year? Well, one way is to catch Sam Bass Community Theatre’s production of Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge. In this play you are going to find many of the characters from your favorite holiday stories all jumbled up in this slightly tilted version of Dickens’ classic Christmas tale. [Read more…]

Round Rock’s Sam Bass Community Theatre – More Hidden Treasure

18ca31_4e42fdcfefa149abf4bcb3a7bf4aeb62.gif_srz_p_175_162_75_22_0.50_1.20_0It has always been tough being a kid. I know, everyone’s experience is a little different, but learning how to become an adult is just not easy. Someone always seems to be there with a clipboard and a stop watch to measure how a child is doing based on some arbitrary standard set by a bunch of experts who we all assume know what they are talking about. If a kid doesn’t live up to these standards when it is believed they should, they seem to have to start all over again and they can’t move on until a box is checked. That has to be unbelievably frustrating.

It just seems like it is a lot more complex now than when I was a kid. I don’t understand all of the causes, but kids seem a little more stressed out and anxious than I remember from my own experience in school and the experiences of my friends.

imagesI saw it when I did substitute teaching for a year in the Austin schools. I saw a lot of frustrated and sullen kids who appeared to have just given up. These kids were where the adults said they needed to be, and that seemed to be the extent of their commitment to the entire process. A lot of kids I worked with seemed to have just given up. It was very sad to see and experience. I was also stunned by the behavior I saw, and although I chalked a lot of it up to how kids treat subs, it was often stunningly offensive and dehumanizing; I wondered how this could have happened. When did this become okay?

I saw something quite different this past week at the Sam Bass CommunityTheatre here in Round Rock.Sam Bass Community Theatre (16) I saw motivated, relaxed and happy children who treated each other with kindness and respect, and they treated the adults who supervised and instructed them with the same level of care. It was wonderful. After my experience substituting in Austin, this really was one of the most uplifting experiences I have ever had. I left with a new appreciation for the adults who take time to work with children. On top of that, all of the adults who were there were not getting paid a penny for their time. This really was a labor of love. [Read more…]

Georgtown’s Own – Arts Avenue For Kids

Arts Avenue for Kids Georgetown TexasVicki Henderson is one of those rare and fortunate individuals who has known what she was meant to do almost all of her life. From the age of five Vicki was involved in theater, performing first at church and later in high school and then college. Vicki’s talents and energies received additional focus while when she was in high school. It was at that time that she felt a calling to serve God through her theatrical talents.

Mrs. Henderson now is the owner of a Christian theater, dance, and music studio for local kids in Georgetown called Arts Avenue for Kids. Her journey to Georgetown took her across the United States but most notably through Colorado, Minnesota, Chicago, Round Rock, Austin and finally to her studio on East University Drive just west of Southwestern University. Before starting Arts Avenue for Kids, Vicki also found time to earn three degrees, write and perform in her own plays, find a husband, and have three children. One of those children, Ashlyn, was the subject of an earlier story I did about her wonderful handmade soaps and doll clothes.

Arts Avenue for Kids Georgetown Texas

Vicki’s performing days went well beyond her college years. She has worked for several different theater groups along the way and at one point wrote and stared in her own one-woman play Elsa that is fascinating and beautiful story about a Holocaust survivor. Vicki traveled across the U.S. for 10 years performing Elsa. Please take some time to learn more about the play Elsa on the attached video. [Read more…]