Music on Main Street Features the Patton Sparks Band

Music on Main Street on Your Local Color.ComAnother beautiful evening and lots of great free music courtesy of the City of Round Rock at Music on Main Street. This past Thursday it was the Patton Sparks Band and they were fantastic. They started the evening off with their original music, and although at times that can make you hold your breath while you wait for a good cover, these guys had our toes tapping with their first offering. Really great work, guys.

I have to tell a little short story here. Be patient. A long time ago and in another life, I was involved with an annual Heart Association fundraiser in Amarillo called the Country Tux Heart Ball. I had been a part of several of these fundraisers, and one of the most exciting parts was finding out who was going to be the band at the event.

One year we were all expecting a really big name, and when we found out it was an unknown country music act, we were all pretty disappointed…until he showed up and started singing. That unknown country performer was Brad Paisley. Sound familiar? Well, I think I just had that same experience with Patton Sparks. [Read more…]

Music on Main Street Features The Jonathan Fox Band and Southern Suburban Country

Music on Main Street on Your Local Color.ComRain threatened us again last Thursday, but the show went on. Nothing is going to stop Music on Main Street. This past Thursday it was The Jonathan Fox Band, and they rocked hard and chased away the clouds. Not to say we don’t need the rain, we do, but a little pause while we had the chance to enjoy a great free outdoor concert is always nice.

Front man and relatively recent UT grad, Jonathan Fox, pulled out all of the stops covering some old crowd favorites and serving up some of his own original tunes. Originally from the DFW area, Jonathan’s brand of Southern suburban country reminded me a lot of Pat Green with a few subtle Garth Brooks-ish undertones. [Read more…]

Music on Main Street Features The Sieker Band and Some Sweet Texas Bluegrass

Music on Main Street on Your Local Color.ComWell, it was a little rainy last Thursday on Main Street in Round Rock but that didn’t keep the show from going on. Right on time the skies cleared, the sun came out and all was well with the world – Music on Main Street was there for us all to enjoy.

For our enjoyment this evening we were treated to Texas style bluegrass by The Sieker Band. I say “Texas Style,” and I mean it, but there is an interesting back story to share about Rolf and Beate Sieker. Like most Central Texans nowadays, they weren’t born here, and like most who enjoy this part of the world, they did get here as quickly as possible, they just traveled a little further. [Read more…]

Music on Main Street is Back!! This Year It’s on Thursday Evenings

Round Rock Monday Music On Main StreetSpring is here and the free outdoor concert series Music on Main Street is back. This year it is on Thursday nights, but that is the only real change. It is just as much fun as it was last year. Again, just like last year, Music on Main Street is at the Prete Main Street Plaza just across from the library.

There really is nothing like live music, and when it is outside in the fresh air, a little sparkle is added that takes it to a whole new level of entertainment fun. The weather was beautiful and sunny, and the stage was perfectly set for a night of relaxation and great music.

There were many familiar faces and quite a few new folks there who were learning about and thoroughly enjoying this amazing city sponsored event. Once again, lawn chairs, grandkids, family pets, and ice chests were in abundance. [Read more…]

Round Rock’s Monday Music on Main Street – The Staylyns

Round Rock Monday Music On Main StreetMain Street was really rockin’ last night with the Staylyns. What a talented bunch of musicians. The Staylyns entertained the Main Street crowd with a superb mix of cover tunes and originals. I am a huge Bonnie Raitt fan so when I heard their cover of Let’s Give Them Something to Talk About, I knew I would forever be a fan. Suzy Staton’s vocals were perfect. She totally nailed it and still made it her own.  I can’t leave out mention of Johnny Austin & Joey Kraft’s skills. They are all great vocalists and superb musicians.  Just a lot of fun.

The Staylyns have a real blue’s flavor to their tunes but it is just great rock n roll and, to quote Mick Jagger, “I like it, like it, yes I do.” It was over all too soon but there was good reason.

I noticed that there is a core of regulars that attend the Monday Music on Main Street. It is great to see the familiar faces. I have to shout out to Jerry and Joyce Stark who are regulars and, a big Texas shout out to Jerry and Joyce’s grandson, Chris Stark, who is now enjoying life up in the great northwest. I also got to see my new friends, Reuel and Connie Hoelscher, whom I met at the Centennial Celebration while they were showing their automobile restoration handiwork. And of course, I have to say once again, “great job” to Kristin Brown and Scot Wilkinson who are responsible for this great, free, entertainment. If you are enjoying Monday Music on Main, give them a thank you.

The crowd was a little thinner than I’ve seen in the past but that was due to the weather reports predicting rain. It did spit a little but it wasn’t the rain that ended the concert, it was a lightning strike a short distance away that did it. I mean, we all love outside rock concerts but, as we all know, water and electricity don’t play well together. It was the right thing to do. [Read more…]