Georgetown Real Estate Professional, Jeff Arnold, Discusses The Topic Of Pre-Need Planning

Jeff Arnold, SERS Senior Realty Your Local Color.ComPlanning for the end of your life is a difficult subject to discuss at any age. No one knows what’s coming next, but your eminent passing could not possibly be one of the options, right? Well, not so much for me just now. Now that I find myself in my mid 50s, I catch myself thinking about that subject more frequently. It’s not a morbid curiosity, it’s because people I know who are around my age are starting to pass away.


Yogi Berra is credited with saying, “It’s tough to make predictions, especially about the future.” Well, here’s a prediction I am prepared to make now: I will die. I’m not especially looking forward to that fact, I’m just closer to that day now than ever before, and I know it isn’t such a remote possibility. [Read more…]

Georgetown Real Estate Professional, Jeff Arnold, Shares About The Importance Of The Listing Agreement To A Senior Homeowner

Jeff Arnold, SRES, Georgetown TexasIt’s not easy selling the home you’ve lived in for more than twenty years. In every corner, on every bookshelf and in every room there is a special memory. Its emotionally wrenching to let it all go and that is just the beginning of the considerations you must keep in mind. There are so many hurdles to leap over, and to get it done with the least amount of emotional pain, the senior home owner and their family are going to need some help.

Enlisting the help of your adult children or other family members is a good first step. “Many hands make light work” they say. However, even with the enthusiastic and sincere help of family and friends, you are still in for some strong headwinds if you don’t line your ducks up early on.

One duck you really want to line up first is your real estate agent. Don’t even get me started on “for sale by owner.” I bought a Sell Your Own Home For Dummies book years ago, and I didn’t get out of the first chapter senior-couple-and-real-estate-agentbefore I ran screaming to the real estate section of the yellow pages. Hiring a real estate agent was the best first decision we made selling any of our homes. I can say first hand that getting a competent and understanding real estate agent is well worth it and an essential first step for any home owner. Period. [Read more…]

Georgetown Real Estate Professional, Jeff Arnold, Shares About The Three Biggest Concerns Of The Senior Home Owner

Jeff Arnold, SRES of Texas Land & LifestyleSo you’re sitting at the kitchen table having coffee with your adult son. Everybody’s all caught up on kids, spouse, job and politics, and then conversation turns to the future. Not his future, but your future. You think to yourself that this is the time to get the ball rolling. You glance over at your wife of almost 50 years. As your eyes meet, you can see she knows exactly what you’re thinking, and she gives you a smile and a nod. You quickly get up and leave the kitchen and head over to your office. When you get back you dump a stack of real estate brochures on the table.

Your son frowns a little as he thumbs through the stack. He’s a smart kid with a good head on his shoulders. If anybody can help you make sense of this whole thing, he can. You and your wife are staring holes through him as he finally looks up. You can tell he knows this is really going to happen. He knows that you’re serious, and to your relief, you can tell he’s going to take this on. After all, you’re family.

[Read more…]

Georgetown Real Estate Professional, Jeff Arnold, Shares About The Needs Of The Senior Home Owner

SERS Senior Realty (5)So you’re sitting at the kitchen table having coffee with your retired parents. Soon the conversation turns to the future. Not your future, but their future. For a while now, they have been hinting at selling their home and moving into something that would be easier to manage – a home that is more suited to their changing physical condition. Dad leaves the table and comes back with a stack of brochures and real estate material and he puts it on the table. Next you hear them ask you to help them make sense of it all. You look down at the stack and then up at their faces. From the look on their faces you can see that this time they are serious, and just a little mystified.

Gulp!! Okay, okay, I’m a grownup. I can handle this.

That’s what family is for, right? We help each other get over these life hurdles, but this is a big one! Okay, think, think! It’s been ten years since you bought your own home, and you’ve forgotten most of what you learned about that. The laws have changed. You can’t even remember the name of the agent who you worked with back then. Mom uses a walker now, so I have to think about that. Dad can’t see so well anymore – that’s something I need to consider. They’ve been in their home for more than 30 years, and it’s gonna need some work before it can be sold. We’re gonna have to sort through all that stuff in the garage? Wait, what about that new couple in Sunday school? Didn’t she say she just got her real estate license? My Spouse!! The kids!! My job!! How am I going to get this all done?

Good Lord!! I was really hoping to relax this weekend. I better call my sister and brother. We have a lot of work to do. [Read more…]