Sam Bass Community Theatre Presents The Chalk Garden

Sam Bass Community Theatre The Boys Next Door Your Local Color.ComSam Bass Community Theatre is about to start the run of its next production The Chalk Garden and you’re in for a treat. This week I got the chance to drop by and catch a dress rehearsal and interview Director, Frank Benge.

The Chalk Garden, written by Enid Bagnold who also wrote National Velvet, is the story of a family in turmoil and in particular the troubled triangle of relationships shared by a grandmother, mother and daughter.

The story adds another layer of tension when a mysterious governess is hired to take care of the troubled daughter who lives with her grandmother and is estranged from her mother. As you can guess from the title of the play, there is a garden involved, but you’ll have to catch the play to see just how it all works together. [Read more…]

Music on Main Street Features The Jonathan Fox Band and Southern Suburban Country

Music on Main Street on Your Local Color.ComRain threatened us again last Thursday, but the show went on. Nothing is going to stop Music on Main Street. This past Thursday it was The Jonathan Fox Band, and they rocked hard and chased away the clouds. Not to say we don’t need the rain, we do, but a little pause while we had the chance to enjoy a great free outdoor concert is always nice.

Front man and relatively recent UT grad, Jonathan Fox, pulled out all of the stops covering some old crowd favorites and serving up some of his own original tunes. Originally from the DFW area, Jonathan’s brand of Southern suburban country reminded me a lot of Pat Green with a few subtle Garth Brooks-ish undertones. [Read more…]

Music on Main Street Features The Sieker Band and Some Sweet Texas Bluegrass

Music on Main Street on Your Local Color.ComWell, it was a little rainy last Thursday on Main Street in Round Rock but that didn’t keep the show from going on. Right on time the skies cleared, the sun came out and all was well with the world – Music on Main Street was there for us all to enjoy.

For our enjoyment this evening we were treated to Texas style bluegrass by The Sieker Band. I say “Texas Style,” and I mean it, but there is an interesting back story to share about Rolf and Beate Sieker. Like most Central Texans nowadays, they weren’t born here, and like most who enjoy this part of the world, they did get here as quickly as possible, they just traveled a little further. [Read more…]

Round Rock Express Fan Fest Gets Us Ready For The 2014 Season

Round Rock Express Team Logo Your Local Color.ComRound Rock Express Fan Fest is a chance for area baseball enthusiasts to get into the mood for THE National Pastime. Before the Express takes the field at beginning of April, March is the time folks out at Dell Diamond open up the gates, free of charge, to area fans and their families. At Fan Fest they can roam around the diamond, get out on the infield, and get to know their team. This March was no different.

This was my first year to take advantage of this local treasure, and I am glad I did. It doesn’t take you long after you walk into Dell Diamond to start getting “the” feeling. I’ve known that feeling since I was a kid, and there is nothing like it. [Read more…]

Peace Through Pie: Beginning A New Culinary Tradition To Remember Martin Luther King, Jr.

Peace Through Pie A New Tradition Your Local Color.ComWhen I think about pie, I think about chess pie. When I think about chess pie, I think about my mom. When I think about mom, it makes me happy. Chess pie was just one of many pies she would make for us at the holidays but it was, and still is. my favorite.

My parents had just moved to Waco in 1963. and mom and dad were having dinner at a truck stop on the Old Dallas Highway. Their waitress suggested they try the house dessert specialty – chess pie. Mom was raised in England and dad was from Ohio, so chess pie was new to them. Mom was always the adventurous type, so she ordered a slice and loved it. [Read more…]

Round Rock Celebrates The Life Of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

27th Annual Commemorative Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Walk & Celebration on Your Local Color.ComPeople my age remember those years. Back in the days when there were only three television networks, the evening news and the morning paper were our only connection to what was going on. Dad’s favorite was NBC’s Huntley and Brinkley, so I got to watch the world turn upside down during the sixties while Chet Huntley and David Brinkley provided the narration. There was a lot going on, and a lot to watch. A face that was frequently on the evening news in those years belonged to Martin Luther King, Jr. and the nation hung on his every word.

I lived in Waco during those years. My family arrived there in the early sixties as Jim Crow was gasping out his last breath. We got there in December of 1963, and although I don’t recall seeing them myself, my parents often spoke about the small black and white signs out in public view all over downtown that indicated that black folks were not welcomed in certain areas, or not allowed to use certain facilities. [Read more…]

The Round Rock Area Serving Center and Payless Shoes Partner To Provide Shoes 4 Kids

Round Rock Area Serving Center Payless Gives Shoes 4 KidsBen and Meredith moved to our community with their three children this summer to escape New England’s famously brutal winter weather. Ben, a native of Texas, and Meredith, born and raised in the frigid Northeast, were looking not only for warmer temperatures, but they were also hoping to take advantage of the even warmer local job market. Ben was able to find work, but Meredith, equipped with a college degree and years of management experience in the human services field, was less fortunate.

Her search has lasted six months so far, and although the loss of a second income has tightened the household budget, it has done nothing to Round Rock Area Serving Center Payless Gives Shoes 4 Kidsdampen her wonderful spirit. Please take a couple of minutes to listen to her beautiful story in the attached video.

I met this amazing mom and her three children last Friday at the Payless ShoesSource store here in Round Rock located at Louis Henna and I-35 where Payless Shoes and the Round Rock Area Serving Center were teaming up to provide free shoes for local children. [Read more…]

New Hope Community Church’s Market of Hope Adds Purpose to Christmas Shopping

Market of HopeNew Hope Community Church in Round Rock snatched victory out of the jaws of defeat this past Saturday. The clouds, rain and the cold rolled in, and the Market of Hope street fair looked like it might be in trouble. When I checked in with Ashley Ruhl on Friday to see what the plans were with all of this bad weather coming in, she was optimistic but you could tell that the issue was not settled yet. Well, it got settled and ended up being a huge success, if the visitor head-count means anything. When I got there it was wall-to-wall people, and it got even more crowded and loud before I left.

Originally planned for the Prete Main Street Plaza in Round Rock, the uncooperative weather was making that venue seem very unlikely. It looked like the event might be called off, when out of the cloudy, gray skies came the perfect alternative. A large, unused, enclosed, and heated space opened up for the Market of Hope, and only a few short steps from the plaza. Funny how that stuff just “happens.” [Read more…]

Round Rock’s Penfold Theatre Brings Us It’s A Wonderful Life – With A Twist

Penfold Theatre Round Rock, TexasThere is not a Christmas that goes by that I don’t watch Frank Capra’s classic holiday heart-warmer, It’s a Wonderful Life. George Bailey will always be one of my favorite characters. Released right after the end of World War II and filmed in black and white, it is a timeless story that reminds us what our true gifts really are – life and family. I just love it.

Like most everyone else my age, I have watched that movie countless times over the years. Capra caught lightning in a bottle in that effort which is something rarely done with a camera.  It never gets old. Somewhere we have a DVD of it in our movie library. I really should take it out and watch it more often than just at the holidays. It is such a tonic, and so good for the soul. [Read more…]

Sam Bass Community Theatre Turns Scrooge On His Head For Your Holiday Entertainment

18ca31_4e42fdcfefa149abf4bcb3a7bf4aeb62.gif_srz_p_175_162_75_22_0.50_1.20_0We all have our favorite Christmas holiday stories, movies, shows and plays, and there are multiple versions of each one to choose from at this time of year. From Charlie Brown to The Little Drummer Boy, the holidays are filled with a rich assortment of our favorite stories and characters. At the top of that list of favorite stories and characters for many is Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and the arch-Christmas villain, Ebenezer Scrooge. We have grown so familiar with that beloved story of redemption that phrases like “bah-humbug” and “God bless us, every one” instantly put us in the holiday spirit.

Still, there are so many other truly great Christmas stories. How do you find time to catch up on all of them with everything else to do this time of year? Well, one way is to catch Sam Bass Community Theatre’s production of Mrs. Bob Cratchit’s Wild Christmas Binge. In this play you are going to find many of the characters from your favorite holiday stories all jumbled up in this slightly tilted version of Dickens’ classic Christmas tale. [Read more…]