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The Caring PlaceWhat do you do when your world falls apart? It always seems to fall to pieces when you are least prepared for it to do so. Wouldn’t it be great if you could schedule all of your personal disasters so that the devastation would be a little more manageable? What I mean is, what if God could just give us all a sort of five or ten year plan that we could get ready for. Would it be too much to ask the creator of the universe for a little heads-up?

It would have been great if He had sent me an email before the stink hit the fan in my life. It could have said something like this: “Okay, John, you are going to move to Round Rock with your family in 2000, and it is going to be awesome. The wife and kids are going to end up loving it. Round Rock has great churches and schools, and everyone just loves it there. Your new job is going to be awesome, and you are going to be on top of the world. You really are going to love it there, but you need to keep an eye open.”


I'm out of work (2)“Get ready, John, because the stock market is going to crash in 2002 and there will be lots of lay offs. Also, the industry you’ve spent the last 18 years building your career in is going start contracting and laying off it’s sales and marketing teams, and your job is going to go away. Bye the way, John, after that, the whole country is going to begin an economic catastrophe after another stock market crash that will be called the “Great Recession” because it will be almost as bad as the Great Depression. It’s gonna last a while so you really need to watch out for that one. John, you’re also gonna need to dumb down your resume or you are going to hear the expression “overqualified” way too much – just sayin!!”

“One last thing, buddy, and I hope you don’t mind this too much, but your physical and mental health is going to, well… won’t be so good. I’m really sorry. I know that’s a lot for you to have to absorb right now, but since you have a few years of warning there’s time to get ready.” Whew!!” Thanks, God. I’m gonna get my ducks lined up and I won’t do anything stupid. [Read more…]