Georgetown’s Own – Bubba’s Beez Explains How It’s Done

Bubba's Beez Raw Honey Georgetown TexasI can’t really remember exactly what I was doing when I was fourteen. I vaguely remember countless hours puttering around Waco and Bellmead on my little Yamaha motorcycle and wishing I was sixteen so I could get a part-time job maybe sacking groceries. I really didn’t have a clue. Good Lord, I was fourteen.

A year or so earlier I talked my mom and dad into taking out a note on a motorcycle with grandiose promises of paying them back with all the money I would make throwing papers. After mowing lawns, that was pretty much the only job you could get when you were that young. The plan was water tight but reality was all full of holes. I was a terrible paper boy. My first month, I made a total of 10 dollars after I paid the Waco Tribune what I owed them and the note on my motorcycle was $40/month. After a few more months like that I threw in the towel. Mom and dad started to get a little concerned. This was 1974 and forty dollars was not chump change.

What a tough time for most kids – seriously. Personally, I couldn’t have felt more adrift if I had been on an iceberg in the ocean. It seemed like life was just a waiting game. I wouldn’t go through those years again for anything.

However, I just met a fourteen year old who is nothing like the ne’re-do-well that I was. Bubba Duke of Bubba’s beez is a man with a plan. His plan is to become a master beekeeper and he is well on his way. [Read more…]

Bubba’s Beez – Georgetown Market Days Treasure

Bubba's Beez Raw Local Honey Georgetown TexasWell, we’re going to spend a little more time with James “Bubba” Duke who is the mastermind behind Bubba’s Beez. Bubba’s Beez is a local, family owned business that sells raw locally produced honey. We found Bubba’s Beez at Georgetown’s Market Days.  This is supposed to be one of the best things you can eat to help you get over the allergies you may be suffering. Some people believe that because it contains local allergens that you may be sensitive to, when you eat them in honey, you may be slowly making yourself less sensitive to these allergens. Also, eating the honey raw and unheated keeps the nutrients that make this natural sweetener so good for you. To tell you the truth, I really don’t know all of the details about its health benefits but I can tell you that I tasted Bubba’s honey and it is delicious. Even if it is good for me, I loved it.

Bubba’s story is just as amazing as his honey. Bubba comes from a long line of beekeepers but mom and dad tell me that he is pretty much self-taught. Bubba got the “bug,” so to speak, for bee keeping when he was in the fourth grade after he wrote a research paper on beekeeping. He got his first beehive a year later with the money he earned working for his grandfather building fireplace mantles and helping his dad, John, with landscaping. What started with that first hive has now turned into ten hives, and it is now officially a family business. Mom is very involved, and she is working with the bee’s wax to make hand creams and lip balm. [Read more…]

Gardening for Butterflies in Round Rock – Stephen Brueggerhoff

Gardening for Butterflies in Round Rock - Stephen BrueggerhoffI always knew that Texas had the biggest, fastest, tallest and bestest of everything but I didn’t know that Texas had the most native butterflies of any state in these United States. That’s impressive. There are 495 species of butterflies that call Texas home. That is 3% of all known butterfly fauna in the world. That’s a lot of butterflies. So, there you go, rest of the country, don’t be sad but try to keep up.

I learned this fact, among other interesting butterfly facts, from a talk I attended given by Stephen Brueggerhoff of the Native Plant Society of Texas, Williamson County Chapter. Stephen has quite an extensive amount of experience having worked with plants and bugs at the University of Texas and the Lady Bird Wildflower Center. Stephen currently works for the Texas A&M AgriLife Extension Service and you can learn more about what he does by visiting his YouTube Channel here.  Stephen also has a lot of hands-on garden development experience due to his work with the Unity Park Community Garden in Round Rock.

Stephen’s talk, hosted by the Round Rock Public Library,  was on Gardening for Butterflies. He gives a brief outline of the talk on the attached YouTube video below, but to sum it all up, it’s all about the type of plants you want to consider putting in your garden if you want to attract butterflies. [Read more…]